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Bassam AlTwal

Principal Cal Accessibility Partner Bassam Altwal has been an International Licensed Architect (Jordan) for over 22 years and a Designer and Project Manager since 1987. He has over 22 years of domestic and international experience. He has been certified by the State of California as "CASp" (Certified Access Specialist), as a requirement by the recent California legislation SB 1608. 

 Bassam is a client-driven, solutions-oriented person. Leveraging his knowledge of design, accessibility and project management and his extensive network of affiliates and consultants. He can provide a turnkey solution for all accessibility and design issues, delivering time-efficient, cost-effective, and flexible solutions to accommodate client's needs, visions, and budgets. 

 Bassam is fluent in three languages (Arabic, English, and Italian), and he holds a master's degree in Architecture and Planning from the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, Italy. 

 In addition to his creative design skills and a keen eye for detail, what is impressive about Bassam is his knowledge of all the disciplines involved in a project. His greatest skill is his ability to be a problem solver and to foresee issues that can arise within the project and correct them early on for the betterment of the project. His cross-sectional knowledge of design, accessibility and construction methods and ability to identify problems related to the disciplines gives him an edge in this market. This knowledge is reflected in the quality of his work. 

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